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Jackson Area Catholic Schools


     Language Arts Curriculum Grades K-8

Curriculum Committee 
Ron Niedzwiecki, Chairperson 
Shayne Slough 
Holly Engemann 
Terri McEldowney 
Karen Barrett
Angela Fitzpatrick
Lynn Williams
Nancy Osterhaus
Melissa Nowinski
Jackson Area Catholic Schools
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Guiding Documents

English - Language Arts Curriculum Guidelines, Grades K-8, Diocese of Lansing, 2006

English Language Arts Grade Level Content Expectations, v.12.05, Michigan Department of Education.

Common Core State Standards, Alignment with Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations, Michigan Department of Education, 2010.

Language Arts Curriculum, Grades K-8, Jackson Area Catholic Schools, 2009.

Vision Statement

Through the Jackson Area Catholic Schools School, we enable students to become morally responsible Christians and citizens of our community and global society.

It is the development of the communication skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and research that enables students to become productive human beings and gain confidence in their ability to use their language effectively. The Jackson Area Catholic Schools provide a coordinated, sequential curriculum and expanded learning opportunities ensuring mastery of the standards in language arts by all students building a foundation for college and career readiness
Program Standards
The Language Arts program will provide a sequential curriculum that will ensure flexible, critical and effective use of knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes, and values, in the various strands.  The strands will be integrated throughout all subject areas.



The student will use the reading process to develop critical reading strategies and construct meaning from text; to vicariously experience other times, places, and events; to acquire new information; and to gain insights into self and the human condition.

The student will read classic and contemporary prose, poetry, novels, drama, and short stories.

The student will develop word attack (phonics) skills.


The student will use written language as a tool for sharing information and knowledge, for influencing and persuading, and for creating and entertaining.

The student will utilize the writing process and demonstrate their ability to plan, draft, revise, edit, peer edit, and finalize written material.

The student will develop handwriting skills, dictionary skills, research skills, and spelling skills.


The student will verbally communicate ideas that are effectively delivered, as well as understood by the listener.

Listening and Viewing
The student will hear, attend to, understand, and respond thoughtfully to oral and visual information.


The student will use technology and other tools to obtain, organize and synthesize information for communication and creative expression.

Organizational Structure and Coding

The academic expectations, at each grade level, are divided into strands with multiple domains within each strand.  To allow for ease in referencing the expectations, each expectation is coded with a strand, domain, grade-level, and expectation number. For example, R.NT.01.03 indicates:

             Strand                       Domain                         Grade            Expectation number
R                             NT                                    01                              03

Reading Strand            Narrative Text                       First Grade            First Expectation

Strand 1                                                Strand 2                                    Strand 3
Reading (R)                                           Writing (W)                                Speaking (S)       _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Domains                                                  Domains                                    Domains       

Concept of Print (CP)                               Genre (GN)                                    Conventions (CN)
Word Recognition                                    Process (PR)                                   Discourse (DS)
and World Study                                      Personal Style (PS)
·      Phonemic Awareness                       Grammar and Usage (GR)
·      Phonics                                           Spelling (SP)
·      Word Recognition                            Handwriting (HW)
·      Vocabulary                                      Writing Attitude (AT
Fluency (FL)
Narrative Text (NT)
Informational Text (IT)
Comprehension (CM)
Metacognition (MT)
Critical Standards (CS)
Reading Attitude (AT)

Strand 4                                                Strand 5

Listening & Viewing (L)                      Research (RS)


Domains                                                Domains__________________________________________

Conventions (CN)                                     Strategies (S)
Response (RP)


Academic Standards
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First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade
Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade